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Blog: Bearded Bigwigs

After a week of weddings, pre-Christmas "togetherness", and a determination seemingly bent upon contracting early-onset Gout, I found myself housebound. With little other to do than distressingly rapid trips to the lavatory, I thought I should try and do something that didn't remind me of "Pollock's brown phase"... Armed with one increasingly blunt HB pencil, I set about creating quick sketches of my bearded heroes. One for each day until I felt up to recommencing my festive life of excess!

P.S. I'm now fine... but I feel like keeping going with the sketches for a while at least. In fact, as I recall, the day I started was also the last day I shaved - perhaps it seems fitting to keep going until I have as mighty a facial merkin as these hirsute fellas!

Question: Does my subconscious dislike drawing chins?!

Day One: Francis Buckland
Day Two: William Morris
Day Three: Auguste Rodin
Day Four: Augustus John
Day Five: John Fowles
Day Six: Guiseppe Verdi
Day Seven: Orson Welles
Day Eight: Heinrich Hoffman
Day Nine: William Golding
Day Ten: Buster Keaton